Sophies birthday card

Hi everyone

I thought it would be nice to share with you the card I have made for my lovely grandaughter's
eleventh birthday.  I can`t believe that beautiful baby is about to start senior school in
September, the time just flies by. So for all the new grandparents out there make the most of your babies because in no time at all they will be starting school.


If you would like to make a similar card I have used the shapes from the Baby set including the
large B. The letters are from the Alphabet set, and the papers are from the bug Helidot papers.
with the red, black and vanilla plain card from my stash.

To make the large B with the peeping fairy.

Peel the waste from the large B and adhere to the red spotty  paper and cut out, then peel off and
cut one small circle in red card (sheet no 1303)
Peel off and cut out a small circle in vanilla card and a large circle in black(sheet no.1301)
Peel off and cut out two petal shapes from red card (sheet no.1302)
Peel off and cut out two large hearts and one small flower onto red spotty paper (sheet no.1305)

Glue together the two circles as shown in the picture and glue the small flower in place.
Add two black dots for the eyes and a red pearl for the centre of the flower.
Glue the two petal shapes together and add black dots these are the wings. Glue the head and the
wings behind the large B.
Glue the two hearts and the small circle together as shown in picture and glue to the front of the
large B so it looks like the fairy is peeping over the top.    

 You can now add any letters you like or just leave the peeping fairy as it is and use as a topper.

I will be back soon with some more ideas have a lovely weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Bee Happy


pot of flowers

Hi Everyone

As promised here is another card for you to make this time it is used with the Bee Set.
On your bee sheet 1101 you will notice you have quite a lot of spare petal shapes (wings)
so this is a good way to use them.
You will need to cut 3 thin stems for your flowers from green card.

1.  Cut a square 7.5x7.5 cm. from vanilla coloured card.
2.  Peel off large black circle from sheet no.1105 and adhere to the centre of the vanilla
3.  Peel off and cut out 5 petal shapes from sheet no.1101, 3 medium flowers from sheet
     no.1103 and 3 hearts from sheet no.1105 all in red card.
     Peel off and cut out 1 pot shape from sheet no.1103 and 1 circle in black.
4.  Make the flower using the 5 red petals using the waste from the circle you have cut out.
     Lay the waste sticky side up and adhere all the petals (as illustrated). Glue the black
     circle to the centre of the flower.

 5. To make the Butterfly:- cut one heart in half lengthways and glue behind the whole heart
      (as illustrated).

      Adhere to a 3d pad, add a flat backed pearl to join the wings(or use the
      sticky circle from the sheet. Position the butterfly onto the edge of large black circle.
      (see picture) using 3d pad.
6.    Trim the black pot down (as illustrated)and glue in place, inside the black circle. Add
       the large flower on the edge of pot using 3d pads.and glue in place, add the 3 flowers
       using 3d pads. Use the black dots or pearls for the centre of the flowers and also on the
      butterfly wings.

Hope you like this card , you can make it in so many different colours have a go.

I will blog some more ideas very soon.

Bee Happy


Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a very Easter, we certainly did quite a busy weekend it was also my sisters
birthday on Easter Saturday, so we went out with my husbands family on Good Friday and my
family on Easter Sunday, on the Saturday we had a family meal with the Grandchildren
so it has been a very happy time for us all. Now everyone is back to school this week and  we
all have the following Bank holiday to look forward to.

I just love Spring and it has certainly sprung early this year so I thought I would share with you
some flowers and butterflies that can be made very simply from Petite Fleur mini set, I have made
so may lovely things with this set I think it is so versatile, I really hope you will agree with me.

To make the daffodil:- cut out five shapes as shown below, in a pale lemon then 1 bell shape in a
slightly darker yellow, 1 stalk in green and two leaf shapes in green.
Glue together all five pale lemon shapes and add the bell shape. Glue the whole flower onto the
stalk and glue on the leaves.For the daffodil buds I have given the necessary shapes and colours    
on the last photo. All you need to do is cut them out layer the yellow shapes together add the green
leaves onto the yellow shapes and glue to a green stalk.

To make the blue bell;-
 Cut out the two bell shapes in blue and one stalk shape in green and two
leaf shapes in green. Glue the leaves to the stalk and glue the two bell shapes in place (see picture)
You will notice that the two different flowers are made from the same shapes.

To make the small butterfly:- Cut out four petal shapes in lilac and glue together as shown then
cut out one shape( as shown for the body) in darker lilac glue to the middle of the petal shapes for the body.  To make a larger butterfly just cut out 4 larger petal shapes.

To make a flower;- using the same petal shapes glue them together as shown and add a small flower
shape glue this to the centre of the petals and glue a circle on top.            

I will give you some more ideas for flowers next time, If you like the flowers they are all
available to buy as rubber stamps  as well as peel offs,which are on sale from the online shop.

Have a lovely week and I will post some more flowers next time.

Bee Happy


Easter chicks and Easter egg

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good week, can`t believe Easter is  nearly here already.
Hope you all have an enjoyable long weekend and I will blog again soon.

The shapes have been taken from the Fairies and Friends set
To make the baby chick:-
Glue the yellow fish shape to the orange fish shape leaving just the bottom of the orange
showing ( see picture)  
Glue the circle onto the top of the yellow fish shape.
Glue the trimmed orange star shape onto the  head for the beak.
Glue the trimmed yellow star shape onto to the back of body for feathers.(see picture)

Glue the flower to the centre of the oval (Easter Egg) and adhere to the card using 3d pads.
Make up two chicks and using 3d pads adhere a chick either side of the egg shape.

To make the medium chick:-
Glue the yellow circle onto the yellow oval, then glue the feather shape to the back of the oval to resemble feathers. (see picture) glue the heart shape onto the bottom of the oval sideways to resemble feet. Trim star shape and glue to the circle (beak). Lastly glue a black dot for the eye.

You could also use this chick with the Easter egg shapes, try cutting the egg in half and the chicken in half and glue the top of the chick inside the egg shape.

Have fun with these shapes you certainly don't need many to achieve a small card. I am always interested in what you make with the Helidot peel offs  and I would always put them on my blog if you were happy for me to do so.  

Have fun & Bee Happy


bee sticker mini book

Hi everyone

Hope you have had a lovely week, I had some friends over today and we had a really lovely day,
lots of chatting and we even made some cards.

Today our little book card is so easy to make as I have used the Bee sticker sheet and the Bee extra
sheet so no cutting of shapes just peel off and adhere to the cardstock easy as that,

Cut out for the front of your card,one piece of yellow card measuring......... 70x80mm
 and another piece ... 60x70mm , then a piece of lemon card measuring 75x65mm.
then matt and layer these three pieces of card, repeat again for the back of the card.
adhere a large daisy to the back and front(see picture)

Cut a piece of lemon card 240x60mm score at 60,120,180mm and glue  to the back of card (see picture).

For the inside  cut out two pieces of yellow card 50x50mm
then two pieces of lemon card 45x45mm matt and layer them  together and glue in place (see picture)

Adhere the bees and flowers from the sheet and add the text and black dots from the Bee extra

For the sleeve cut lemon card 170x30mm and glue together making sure the finished sleeve is big enough to take the mini card book,adhere add a little bee to the front of sleeve.

If you want to 3D any images from the sheet always adhere them to a piece of thin card first and then cut out the shape.

Hope you enjoy making this, I will be back soon with some more ideas from the sticker sheet.
You will be surprised how many cards you can make once you get going.

See you soon.

Bee happy



daisy in pot

Hi Everyone
Hope you have had a good week.Thank you for the E-mails I have received welcoming me
Today I have made a cute topper (very easy) again using shapes from Fairies and Friends,
Petite Fleur and All about Babies. If you dont have all these sets, try and use what you have.
You could use a tiny flower for the pot instead of the heart shape and a different shape for the
leaf i.e.perhaps a small petal or a different heart shape. You will be surprised what you can use
when you really study the shapes.

Cut  a piece of Willow spot paper 4.5cm x7.5cm. Then mat and layer onto dark green card 5cm x 8cm. This is the topper base.

Peel all the shapes onto coloured card and cut out.

Make the daisy flower using five white petals and a yellow circle for the middle.
Using the waste from the circle adhere each petal onto the sticky side of black waste(see instruction sheet).

To make up the flower pot trim the triangle  from the pointed end as per picture adding a black sticky line along the edge.Glue this to the topper and adhere the yellow mini heart in place.

Glue the green stalk coming out of the pot and adhere the green heart(leaf) in place.Now glue
the  finished daisy onto the stalk.

To make up the ladybug cut the red circle in half, add some small black peel off dots. Glue the
small black circle in place for the head. Finally glue the ladybug onto the side of pot adding the black waste from the antenae.

 Some people find cutting out the very small circles difficult, in this case you could use a black    
 flat backed pearl instead..

Hope you all enjoy making this little topper.

Be back soon for some more samples.

Bee Happy


little house in the forest

Hi Everyone

As promised my instructions (I hope you can understand them) for my little house in the forest.
Sometimes we have lots of bits left from the sets this is a way of using them up. I have used
Willow paper with spot and chalked around the edges with darker green chalk.
Most of the shapes are taken from Fairies and friends and The Bee set, I have only used one
shape from the All about Babies and if you dont have this set just use another small heart from
the Fairies and friends set for the smoke and perhaps a mini flower for the door, I  will leave the
decision to you.

Cut a piece of Willow spot  paper 65mm x 75mm matt this onto a piece of dark green card
measuring 70mm x 80mm.  This makes the topper base.

Peel off the shapes onto the coloured card and cut out. Build the house first by glueing the red
roof  cross over the honey pot shape. Glue the white daisy flower in the middle
of the two roof shapes where they join. Glue the chimney in place at the back of the roof. Glue the windows in place after using the black lines to make a criss cross design on each one.
Glue the door in place and trim the bottom.Add a dot from the sheet for the handle and add glue a small heart on the door (optional).

Make up the trees by trimming the tree trunk shapes as necessary and glue the flower shapes and
heart shapes on the top. Put the topper together using the pictures as your guide.Lastly glue
everything in place and  add six flowers as illustrated in the picture, adding a dot in
each flower centre and the heart smoke from the chimney.

You can make up a card to your own design or just use the topper in the centre of a card blank.        

Have a good week and I will be back soon with some more ideas.

Bee Happy



Back to Life!!!

Apologies for not blogging for so long but life in the Helidot house has been a bit fraught for the last year due to illness.
Hopefully now we are back on top of it I will be posting some new ideas, watch this space.

Bee Happy


All about bee's

I thought I'd post a picture of some of the sample boards that go to shows with me so people can see the finished creations.

This board is from the All about bee's peel off set

This board is using the Bee sticker set
Don't forget there is also an easy step by step guide showing you how to use Helidot peel offs. It's that easy even kids can create cute little cards and projects using Helidot peels offs and stickers.

Step by step guide

All these can be bought from the website just click the link and voila you're in the shop.

Bee happy

Helen x

Workshop at the Craft Barn

The Craft Barn had a workshop last week using the lovely Helidot Bugs and Friends stamps set. The lovely Carole Staples decorated this box and isn't it just one of the cutest things ever!

You can purchase this gorgeous stamp set from our shop for just £19.99

Bee happy